Aventura’s Cutting Edge Face Recognition Software


  • Real-time Detection
  • Multiple Faces in a Single Stream
  • 1 Million Comparisons Per Second
  • Uses COTS Cameras and Servers
  • Event Customization
  • Turnkey or Standalone Solution
  • Classification Detection
  • Tamper Detection
  • Advanced Motion Detection

Aventura™ Face Recognition is a best-of-breed 2D/3D face recognition software application which operates with non-proprietary cameras and servers. Simultaneous recognition of multiple faces in a single real-time video image are capable. The robust enterprise application performs more than 1 million searches per second. The management software contains a number of host of features for intuitive utilization. Create search groups such as white and black or simply customize events. Automated import and export of data minimizes the requirement for human interaction.

Built on an open-platform Voltus™ seamlessly integrates with the most popular video management systems. For expanded functionality Voltus™ seamlessly interoperates with the Aventura analytics suite of products including intelligent video analytics, license plate recognition and physical security information management (PSIM).